Quantum Physics Division
Faculty of PhysicsAdam Mickiewicz University

Some recent developments in models with absorbing states

M. Droz1 , A. Lipowski1,2

1 Department of Physics, University of Geneva, CH 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
2 Department of Physics, A. Mickiewicz University, 61-614 Pozna´n, Poland

Braz. J. Phys., 33, 526-532 (2003)


We describe some of the recent results obtained for models with absorbing states. First, we present the nonequilibrium absorbing-state Potts model and discuss some of the factors that might affect the critical behaviour of such models. In particular we show that in two dimensions the further neighbour interactions might split the voter critical point into two critical points. We also describe some of the results obtained in the context of synchronization of chaotic dynamical systems. Moreover, we discuss the relation of the synchronization transition with some interfacial models.


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